In this book the author Robert Leach (the General Synod of the Church of England and Chairman of the Church of England Newspaper) writes about how he recovered from a serious debt problem after a failed business venture.  He shows how the principles outlined in this books helped him recover and shares his guidance in jargon-free terms!
This book provides a practical and pragmatic guide, both for those involved in helping people out of debt as well as those struggling with this themselves, as it offers every aspect of debt counselling, including:
  • Establishing the scale of the problem
  • Facing the reality / taking emergency action
  • Sorting minor and serious debt problems
  • Prioritising debts / understanding and dealing with different types of debt
  • Budgeting
  • Dealing with creditors /negotiating debts
  • Maximising income
  • Insolvency
  • Debt and the Law

So if you are supporting others in debt or trying to tackle this yourself, then The Debt Doctor is a must to help you understand and guide you through the necessary steps to get set free in this area!

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