Sisal Soap Bag / Pouch

If you are using soap bars, then this soap pouch is a great environmentally friendly option for making sure those fiddly small soap bar bits get used.

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If you’re looking for a way to use up those tiny bits of soap and also to exfoliate your skin a bit then look no further than the sisal soap bag, as they not only hold all the little bits of soap, but also act as a loofah.

Unfortunately, most loofas and exfoliators on the market contain plastic materials, releasing tiny microplastics with every was and also adding to the ongoing plastic problem when throwing away.

The sisal soap bag, is an environmentally friendlier and better option for the following reasons:

  • Each sisal soap bag is made with 100% sisal fibres of the Agave sisalana plant, making this a natural soap pouch.
  • It is soft yet strong and durable, the mesh structure of sisal soap bag gently massages your skin, which helps promote blood circulation and gives a pleasant exfoliating effect.
  • The sisal soap bag is also biodegradable as it made of natural materials so can be put in with your home compost.
  • This natural soap pouch can be used for bathing, washing hands, showering, and even shaving if need be, as it will lather up and produce foamy soap bubbles.
  • Each sisal soap bag comes with a draw string, so it can be hanged just like a loofah, eliminating the need for any plastic soap holders and soap cases.

So don’t let those small bits of soap end up getting washed down the sink hole any longer! Use a sisal soap bag and ensure nothing gets thrown away!

After use, ensure it is hung to dry, which will prolong the life of the soap, and prevent bacterial growth.

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