Shattered (Book)

The book “Shattered” is a very real and honest book covering so many aspects of life’s struggles.  With short and easy to understand sections broken down into both “views and windows” (as explained in the video below and detailed further down on this page) this book can be ready in small sections in among the busyness of life or ready form cover to cover as a complete eye-opening book.

As an overall concept it explores how brokenness doesn’t necessarily need fixing, and that growth, transformation and abundance can actually happen at the broken edges of life.

It is a must read and definitely one to own and pass to others!  See our video below where we explain a little more on this book.

Live stories within the book (The “Views”)

  • . The view as parents of a disabled child
  • . The view of life with mental health issues
  • . The view as a single parent
  • . The view after your daughters death
  • . The view from within a fragile relationship
  • . The view from loss
  • . The view as a survivor of abuse
  • . The view as the mother of Jesus
  • . The view through miscarriage
  • . The view from retirement

Looking in through the 40 Windows

  • Window 1 – Your Story (your story is important)
  • Window 2 – Defining Moments (the before and after and how they shape us)
  • Window 3 – Pebbles (Your story and your uniqueness)
  • Window 4 – Treasure (We are Treasures of God)
  • Window 5 – Detour (Detours and Life as a Journey)
  • Window 6 – Myths and hope (God stands with us in everything)
  • Window 7 – Seasons (understanding seasons of life)
  • Window 8 – Holly and Ivy (wearing a crown in the winter seasons)
  • Window 9 – KitKat-gate (Different perspectives and views of situations)
  • Window 10 – Comparison (our expectations and comparisons with others)
  • Window 11 – The great outdoors (Nature’s pace, seasons and rhythm)
  • Window 12 – Worth, Value and purpose (our significance and Pricelessness to God)
  • Window 13 – Why (asking God the Why question)
  • Window 14 – Isolation (our brokenness is not an isolated case, we are in good company)
  • Window 15 – Emotions (understanding and living with your emotions)
  • Window 16 – Learning to Lament (Honestly expressing our sorrow)
  • Window 17 – Guilt and Shame (their differences and living above them)
  • Window 18 – Forgiveness (The long journey and its freedom)
  • Window 19 – Expectations (internal expectations and being kind to ourselves)
  • Window 20 – Practicing Gratitude (Growing and protecting our Joy through determining what our minds focus on
  • Window 21 – Help (understanding and asking for help)
  • Window 22 – Sabbath (Creating time to rest)
  • Window 23 – Finding a tribe (walking with others and supportive networks)
  • Window 24 – Filling Up (understanding your filling stations and making sure you get enough in your tank)
  • Window 25 – lessons in the dark (embracing, slowing down in and appreciating darkness)
  • Window 26 – Abundant living (Not cramming but valuing space, peace and fun)
  • Window 27 – Choosing Easy (benefits of the hard road over the easy road)
  • Window 28 – All of me – (Giving God every aspect of our lives, not just the good bits)
  • Window 29 – Faith Amidst uncertainty (choosing to believe and trust)
  • Window 30 – Wrestling (How will we respond when wresting with situations)
  • Window 31 – Healing (inner spiritual healing vs outward physical healing)
  • Window 32 – Unanswered Prayer (Our pain and disappointments and our vulnerability and honesty before God)
  • Window 33 – Beatitudes (being blessed – not in the nice and easy but in the challenging and grittyness of life)
  • Window 34 – The Messiah (Jesus passionate for the shattered and meets us in our brokenness)
  • Window 35 – Communion (Broken & Given – through Gods brokenness we are given salvation, and stepping in to others brokenness we commune with others)
  • Window 36 – Crown of Thorns (The king of suffering)
  • Window 37 – Being Present (Living in the present and experiencing God presence in everything)
  • Window 38 – Acceptance (Accepting your circumstances, discomfort and sky’s we are under)
  • Window 39 – Every Mile Matters (God uses every step and the theory of the white bluebell)
  • Window 40 – Nothing can separate (from Gods unconditional love)

But don’t just take our word for this, watch this video below for a further explanation form the amazing authors themselves, Rachel and Tim Wright.

Maybe, God does give us the greatest view, through life’s broken windows! Get a copy of the book and learn how not to miss these!

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