Reusable Sandwich and Food Wraps

You will definitely love the reusable sandwich and food wraps, as it provides a clean and great alternative to clingfilm and other non-recyclable food wraps!

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It seems so easy to wrap sandwiches and snacks in cling films, tin foil, or place in a single use plastic food bag, for work, school or days out and then unmindfully thrown this wrapping into the bin after a single use.

Whilst plastic cling film may be quick and convenient it is not helping our planet at all, in fact it is a large contributor to the problematic plastic pollution our planet is facing. Also whilst tin foil can be recycled it still needs to be clean, and as explained in the video, we are not convinced all the tin foil gets recycled.

Aside from plastic pollution, research has also evidenced a possible leaching of the chemical composition of cling films into wrapped foods and could contribute to some serious health problems such as cancer, infertility, or foetal development.

So maybe it’s time that we consider replacing our old habit of using cling film, tin foil and plastic bags for wrapping our sandwiches and snacks and switch instead to mor eco reusable sandwich wrap! The one we highly recommend and is as easy and convenient to use is the Re-Wrap-It reusable sandwich wrap.

  • Inspired by David Attenborough and Blue Planet, these reusable sandwich wraps help eliminate single use plastic bags, cling film and tin foil. A reusable sandwich wrap that will surely be beneficial for the environment.
  • Re-Wrap-It reusable sandwich wrap keeps your sandwiches or other food fresh inside, and when open, can serve as a plate too.
  • Convenient for parents when packing lunches for school, no more worries about your little ones eating their sandwich on dirty tables.
  • After you are done eating, there will be no throwing of packaging away. Just simply fold it and keep it for your next use.
  • There are variety of colours and designs to choose from and make a great gift!

This reusable sandwich wrap and food pack can be used every day. It has an LDPE plastic lining on the inside, which conforms to EU Reg. 2015/174 and which you can wipe clean. The outer fabric is polycotton and can be hand washed with mild detergent when the outer layer gets soiled or placed in a laundry bag if machine washed (This must be rinsed well, and strong-scented fabric conditioner must be avoided). It also has a Velcro strip for a quick and easy sealing!

So stop using the damaging and unrecyclable cling film and plastic bags and the often not recycled tin foil and switch instead to the amazing reusable sandwich wraps.

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