Ramie Bath / Shower Puff

Change your plastic nylon bath and shower puffs/poufs for a natural plant-based material like ramie.   

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Puffs are used in the shower or bath to lather up soap bars or shower gels. Sadly, the most common available options on the market are made of nylon or polyester, which are both types of plastic and non-biodegradable. These two synthetic materials are made from petrochemicals which are not eco-friendly and can be very harmful to the environment.

Many people are also unaware that whilst using these plastic bath and shower puffs, bits of microplastics are being flushed into the drain, which could end up in the ocean and endangers the lives of marine creatures, who mistake these particles for food. Luckily, you can choose to stop releasing these microplastics by opting instead to use biodegradable puffs such as our recommended favourite the Ramie bath puff / shower puff.    

The ramie plastic-free shower puff is made of 100% natural material, handmade from Ramie, one of the oldest known plant fibres. Ramie is generally resistant to bacteria and mildew and stains (although these could start to form if not ringed out well and left to dry). Other benefits of the ramie bath puff are:

  • That the ramie bath puff provides gentle exfoliation all over the body and lathers ok, although not as well as the plastic puffs.
  • Its 100% natural, so it generally does not cause irritation or reactions like some synthetic alterantives can.
  • It is strong enough to hold as well as soft enough to use, so gentle on the skin.
  • The ramie bath puff is a completely plastic-free shower puff, with even its hanging string usually made of cotton or ramie.
  • This plastic-free shower puff is machine washable on a gentle cycle. Giving the puff a potentially longer usable life span compared to plastic bath puffs.

Furthermore the ramie bath puff is 100% compostable and bio-degradable, so at the end of its usable life, just simply put it in your garden compost and it will completely decompose so no additional waste will end up in landfills.

So why not try these plastic-free shower puffs and see for yourself!

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