Biodegradable Paper Tape

Stop using plastic cellotape or masking tape and change instead to the eco-friendlier biodegradable kraft paper tape!

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biodegradable paper tape

plastic-free tape

Adhesive tape is used for many applications, whether it be for wrapping presents, holding things together, sticking things up, for sealing, of for use in craft and screen printing applications.  Whatever the purpose this useful tape is found  everywhere, in workplaces, at home and in schools.  However as great as it is, most forms of Adhesive tape such as cellotape and masking tape, are made with plastics and cannot be recycled!

In view of the worldwide efforts to minimise plastic waste, it is important to look for eco-friendly alternatives to these plastic adhesive tapes.  We highly recommend and love biodegradable paper tape as a great alternative!

One of the most popular plastic-free biodegradable paper tape is the Kraft Protective Paper tape.

  • This tape is just as good as the plastic alternatives, great for wrapping presents (particularly looking good with brown paper wrapping!), sealing boxes, for masking purposes and so on.
  • Kraft biodegradable paper tape is made of tough flat backing paper (which remains strong even when moist) and a natural rubber/resin pressure-sensitive adhesive (which gives excellent bonding capacity to most packing products and surfaces).
  • This solvent-free and plastic-free tape is the best sealing tape for eco-friendly businesses and for personal eco-lovers.

Kraft biodegradable paper tape is self-adhesive, so just like plastic tape or masking tape, you do not need water to activate it.  It will securely stick to all cardboard and paper surfaces with minimal sealing failures and pilferage.

Kraft paper tapes are made with an excellent balance of machine and cross-direction tensile and tear strength, making a really strong and dependable paper tape.

Unlike Cellotape and masking tape, there is no need to peel off this Kraft biodegradable paper tape from the surface of boxes pr paper wrapping when recycling, as the paper tape is also recyclable, saving you and others the extra effort!

This plastic-free tape usually can be found in two types:

  • The glossy type, which is not writeable, but very strong and often needs scissors or a knife to cut it. This tape is not made with  fiberglass reinforcing threads
  • The unglossy type, which is most commonly used for general use and as a good replacement for masking tape (in DIY projects) as it is able to write on. This type can be torn by hand

As you can see Kraft biodegradable paper tape is a perfect substitute to cellotapes and single-use plastic masking tapes.  So, make this change to continue to help keep plastic waste away from landfills and the ocean!

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