Orthopaedic Pillow

Improve your sleep quality and experience, by using an ergonomic and therapeutic orthopaedic pillow or memory foam pillow!

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People do not often pay much attention to the kind of pillows they use when sleeping, for many of us, we are happy just having something soft in which we lay our heads on whenever our tired bodies take time to rest. But many studies have found that certain health conditions result from poor sleeping posture, like apnoea, neck arthritis, and snoring, to name a few. 

Thankfully, orthopaedic pillows are designed to help relieve these issues and give us as much bed support for a safer, healthier and more comfortable sleep. Their design conforms to orthopaedic guidelines to ensure the right placement and support of one or more specific parts of our body.

The main objective in using an orthopaedic pillow is to provide a comfortable position when lying in bed whilst naturally correcting our body alignment. Orthopaedic pillow are essentially ergonomic and therapeutic and there are other designs made for other parts of the body, too.  

Here are some points to consider before deciding on the right orthopaedic pillow for you:

• Think about the shape, size, and firmness of the pillow is a factor in attaining the utmost benefit of an orthopaedic pillow. It must provide the kind of relief you are looking for (some prefer these thicker or harder whilst others smaller or softer)

• Your usual sleeping position must also be considered, especially with those more elderly. The best pillow must be in a neutral alignment between your head and shoulders. If you are a back sleeper, your need a flatter pillow while a firm and contour memory foam pillow best fits if you are a side sleeper.

• Consider the materials used as fillings, depending on your preference, and for optimum comfort. Memory foam pillows are generally preferred as they can change shape under pressure and then returns back to its original shape after the pressure is removed. This factor allows it to adjust to the body’s position and still give the head and neck support as needed. These may vary in thickness, softness, or firmness as considered in the first point.

• Think about the outside lining or cover of the pillow, cotton remains a good choice due to its properties, however a great choice is also bamboo due to its breathability, health benefits and water wicking properties as well as the other benefits. 

• Check out customer reviews before purchasing to help make the right choice.

It is commonly known that most of us spend a third of our lifetime in sleep and that during this time your body will have the time to repair itself. So help your body rest and recover well by ensuring you have a good orthopaedic pillow with the best quality infill such a as the memory foam pillow!

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