Orthopaedic Leg and Knee Pillow

Reduce strain on your hips and support the natural alignment of your spine in your sleep by using orthopaedic leg and knee pillow.

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Our busy culture often leads to us cause strain on our backs, spine and legs as we are often standing on our feet, doing a lot of walking or sitting down in front of computers for long hours. So it is vital that we get a restful sleep each night to help repair and refresh our body.

Often however, our sleeping positions do not give us the necessary alignment our bodies need, causing us at times to wake up feeling tired, uncomfortable and with muscle and joint pains, especially for side sleepers as often the top leg drops forward resulting in extra pressure on the back. The hip joint also at times can get twisted causing the knees to rub on the mattress.  This is why we recommend an orthopaedic leg and knee pillow to help prevent this from happening while sleeping.

Here are some great features of an orthopaedic leg and knee pillow:

  • The orthopaedic leg and knee pillow is a carefully-shaped pillow normally available with or without a strap to help keep this in place at night.
  • It is a leg pillow cushion, designed to support the legs and knees of the user to provide the necessary sleeping body alignment and prevent the occurrence of muscular and joint pains.
  • The carefully shaped contour design of the orthopaedic leg and knee pillow helps it to naturally fit the shape of the legs without restricting movements during sleep.
  • It can be used both for between the upper legs or in between the lower legs while sleeping on your side. We recommend the use of both.
  • For the back sleeper, it can be used under the calf of the lower leg again to help straight alignment. It is also good for elevating the legs a little to improve blood circulation.
  • The firmer the bed is, the more useful people find the orthopaedic leg and knee pillow, however this is also useful for softer beds where you can use softer pillow to help keep correct alignment.

The orthopaedic leg and knee pillow uses memory foam with holes in it for air ventilation, and comfort. It is designed to even support even when the knee is bent. For the side sleeper, it is best to use two orthopaedic leg and knee pillows at the same time for maximum benefit and total leg alignment, supporting the whole length of the legs. The products may differ in firmness, and various people differ on what they prefer. The pillows also normally come with a breathable and washable pillowcase either in cotton or bamboo, which are both highly recommended for comfort.

Sleep is one of the most important routines for our bodies, so why not provide the best chance of a more restful one by using orthopaedic leg and knee pillows, giving you more chance of waking up feeling healthy and relaxed every day.

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