Organic Natural Lip Balm

Move away from processed lip balm! Especially those in plastic pots or wrapping! Instead use organic lip balm in tin containers!

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Changing weather conditions can affect most people’s lips, as the lips are one of the most sensitive parts of skin on our body. When dry, our lips often become chapped especially when the temperature drops, but also can dry up in the heat. As our skin on the lips are thinner compared to the other parts of the face, it means we need to provide extra care to keep them hydrated and protected, using lip balm.

One concern we and others have with lip balm however is that a lot of lip balms are made with petroleum-based chemicals, they can also have other artificial ingredients such as the following:

  • Parabens – artificial fragrances or flavours.
  • Petrolatum – also known as the petroleum jelly and a derivative of petroleum need synthetic chemicals for processing making it prone to toxic contamination.
  • Synthetic colours – for visual appeals, are colorants made from heavy metals.
  • BHA – a preservative for many cosmetics but are known to have carcinogenic effects.

A lot of people have realised their concerns over these chemicals and ingredients and suggest that they could be harmful to us, especially if we find ourselves licking our lips and therefore effectively consuming these ingredients and chemicals.

Another concern is that a lot of lip balms are still sold in single-use plastic packaging, both as containers for the lip balm itself but also for decoration and further protection which is often not needed. This obviously contributes to the increasing plastic waste problem we face. It is recommended therefore to switch to an organic natural lip balm that is 100% plant based or natural, vegan friendly, and packaged plastic free, to better protect both you and the environment!

One of these organic natural lip balms is the type made with beeswax and which comes in tinned containers. Beeswax is considered as one of the best ingredients in the production of lip balms, as it not only gentle on the skin due to its natural moisturising qualities but also has Vitamin E which naturally nourishes the lips, helping keep them revitalized and hydrated for longer. Ensure that you purchase this in recyclable tin containers to ensure you achieve a plastic-free lip balm.

Beeswax lip balms also contain natural emulsifiers which help retain lip moisture for chapped and dry lips. It also has anti-UV and antibacterial properties as added benefits, and when propolis (also from the beehive) is also added as additional ingredient to this organic natural lip balm you find this will also work as an agent that hasten the natural process of skin repair and healing of dry and chapped lips.

So as beeswax lip balm is natural and does not contain chemical additives, it remains one for the best organic alternatives to the chemically produced lip balm and when purchased in the tinned containers it becomes a truly plastic-free lip balm. We therefore highly encourage everyone to switch to using this organic natural lip balm and take a further step together to help us all tackle the plastic waste issue!

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