Office Chair Back Support

For those without a proper ergonomic office chair or orthopaedic chair, we suggest the simple additions of an office chair back support and footrest for better positioning and posture while working.

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Our bodies often get tired whilst working at a desk and our muscles holding the spine (often in a sitting position) tend to become weak causing us to lean forward and slouch more to compensate the weakening of the lumbar muscles. That’s why we recommend using an office chair back support.

Working at a desk or table can keep us sitting in the same position for hours and without adequate back support, this situation can create so much stress on our lower back muscles manifesting itself as gradually increasing back pains. This is due to the pressure imposed on the lumbosacral discs, the soft tissues, and joints in the spine. As technology continues to evolve, many people nowadays undertake a lot of tasks whilst sitting down in which poor postural tendencies can develop. Sitting in an office chair without correct posture will only worsen the condition which is why we recommend the use of an office chair back support!

Here are the benefits of an office chair back support:

  • It helps correct posture as it fills the gap between the spine and the chair, promoting the spine’s natural inward curve. A good fitting back support will relieve the back muscles of the pressure to maintain this curve.
  • A good office chair back support must naturally contour and fit, with its total surface area touching the back, pushing the lumbar area forward to counter slouching.
  • It will also serve as a reminder to keep up a correct sitting position without muscle tension as it firmly supports the back.

Unlike back braces worn by some people with spinal conditions (which should be worn only at most two weeks to prevent dependence on it), the office chair back support can be used daily for as long as needed. A complementary ergonomic footrest is also suggested to prevent discomfort in the legs as it stays hanging whilst sitting down.

An ergonomic footrest will help keep the body in an upright position and encourages movement of the feet and ankle thus preventing the possibility of deep vein thrombosis. Movement of the toes, feet, ankle, and leg muscles promote venous circulation (where sitting for longer hours reduces blood pooling in these body parts). A footrest can therefore help reduce the risk of developing varicosities, and if there is already an existing condition, it will prevent the veins from further swelling.

A footrest also serves as an excellent accessory to keep the feet rested on flat surface while seated especially in cases when the height of the office chair is high enough to keep the feet from touching the floor. Even if your work requires long hours of standing up, a footrest can help to relax your feet whilst shifting the body weight alternately. This makes both the office chair back support and the footrest highly recommended must haves for a healthier body posture.

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