Mouthwash Tablets

Move away from mouthwash sold in plastic bottles and opt instead for the natural mouthwash tablets!

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A good gargle of mouthwash is till part of many peoples dental cleaning routine, providing total confidence of having fresh breath. Most of the mouthwashes sold however are chemically produced, sold already diluted and come packaged in plastic bottles which although can normally be recycled, do eventually end up adding to the growing plastic waste problem.

Furthermore, as these diluted mouthwashes take up additional space and weight, this also adds to the mouthwashes carbon footprint ultimately causing further pollution concerns. 

So, to keep both the plastic waste and carbon footprint low, we highly recommend the use of natural plastic-free mouthwash in tablet form. Here are some reasons why to switch across to mouthwash tablets!

  • Most mouthwash tablets are packaged in recyclable glass jars and metal caps, and often packed in eco-friendly, fully compostable, gluten-free Kraft paper or cardboard cartons for transportation.
  • Thoughtful and considerate manufactures are also careful to use unharmful ink on the packaging such as vegetable ink.
  • The glass containers of these plastic-free mouthwash tablets can often be reused and refilled at a lower cost.
  • Being a small tablet and undiluted, the small product has a much lower carbon footprint.
  • Most of the mouthwash tablets are made from pure organic sources.

Looking more into the pure organic ingredients often found in mouthwash tablets you will commonly find these made with one of the below food grade oils:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Orange peel oil

Mouthwash tablets will also have anti-septic and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as sodium benzoate and sodium bicarbonate from soda ash.

These plastic-free mouthwash tablets are also commonly found with activated charcoal powder from steam-heated coconut shells and Tartaric acid (from fruits) to aid teeth whitening, anti-plaque and help combat bad breath.

These mouthwash tablets aid a totally plastic-free mouthwash experience and are easy to use, just drop one tablets in a glass with a little water (depending on how strong you would like your mouthwash to be). Brush your teeth or floss while waiting for it to dissolve (approximately one and a half minutes). Then swirl and gargle the solution in your mouth for that relaxing, clean, and fresh feeling.

These natural mouthwash tablets are also great for those with gum problems and sensitive gums, are safe to carry along on trips and is suitable for use by children!

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