Moisturiser Bar

Stop buying body moisturisers that come in plastic bottles and non-recyclable tubs and change to an eco-friendlier alternative of the moisturiser bar!

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As our skin is constantly exposed to either the elements around us or our clothes, it is no surprise that at times it may need a bit of loving care. For many people, a regular skin moisturising is needed to help protect and nourish the skin.

The issue we find ourselves with however is how can we nourish our skin without causing damage to the environment as most moisturisers are either sold in plastic squeeze bottles, plastic tubs or are packaged in some sort of plastic which then adds to the plastic waste problem and has damaging effects on our planet. Even HDPE packaging, whist it can be recycled can only be recycled once and then only into other forms of non-recyclable plastic products.

With the ongoing need for all of us to reduce plastic consumption, a better option is to consider plastic free low-waste alternatives for our moisturising solution such as using a plastic free solid moisturiser or a lotion bar.  

Plastic free solid moisturisers not only have the benefits of no plastic but also have many other benefits, some being:

  • The plastic free solid moisturiser bars are normally made with natural ingredients like shea butter and essential plant oils, so not containing any other irritating or damaging synthetic chemicals.
  • These eco-friendly moisturiser bars remain solid at room temperature but starts to melt at contact with your skin.
  • Being packed concentrated in small bars, the eco-friendly moisturiser bars also have a much lower carbon footprint, are easier to stack and store and take up a lot less room than bottled or tubbed lotions.
  • The plastic free solid moisturiser bars normally come in compostable cardboard packaging, so providing an option of no waste at all.
  • These eco-friendly moisturiser bars are more convenient for travel or are tight on space. It does not take up much luggage space and has no risk of spilling or leaking as is possible with other moisturising options.

These eco-friendly moisturiser bars are also very easy to use, simply allow contact with skin and within no time this will start to melt, at that point start rubbing the bar where your skin needs moisturising.  After use simply place back in the box or container until needed again.

Many skin experts recommend using these plastic free solid moisturiser bars right after you shower or after a bath, to help moisturise more easily and to also help to retain some of the useful water particles left on the skin.

So why not continue to support the zero-waste movement by switching to plastic free solid moisturiser bars. This may only seem a small contribution however each single plastic free solid moisturiser bar will mean one less plastic bottle or tub, which will only eventually end up as non-recyclable plastic and take hundreds of years to breakdown.

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