Lumbar Bed Pillow

Relieve pressure, help improve your posture and even help with your musculoskeletal conditions by using an ergonomically designed pillow for back lumbar support. 

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Our bed and the pillows we use play an important role not only in providing a comfortable sleep but also in supporting our skeletal system whilst we sleep. All the walking we do, and even prolonged sitting can put a lot of strain on our back, hips and legs and sleep is a good time for our body to repair itself. But most people are used to just lying flat in bed or on their sides as they get their tired bodies to rest, then only to wake up still feeling tired and at times in pain. This sort of discomfort after waking up is often caused by a mattress that is no longer fit to use and pillows that are not in good shape.


Almost all our physical activities impact the bone alignment in our lumbar area which is often put under pressure, resisting gravity also contributes to this. Fortunately, we can help eliminate musculoskeletal conditions and even improve our posture using a lumbar bed pillow or orthopaedic pillow for back support.


An ideal pillow must be designed to fit our body’s shape and curves to prevent unnecessary pressures that may result in some common forms of body pain, especially in our neck and shoulder areas. Our body’s alignment must also be taken care of during sleep or when we are required to remain seated over long hours, like when at work.


Thankfully, the lumbar bed pillow is designed to help restore bone alignment in our lumbar area. It has a slightly contoured middle portion fit for the normal shape of the back bones in the lumbar area, relieving them of pressures.


Here are some benefits of using a lumbar bed pillow:


·       A lumbar bed pillow is ergonomically designed to give maximum support to the lower part of the body, keeping the ideal distance between the bed and waist so that the alignment of the back, hips and legs are corrected whilst sleeping, either lying on your back or sideways.

·       The lumbar bed pillow adapts to the natural curve of the spine whilst lying down on your back, so gravity is well distributed across the spine to reduce back pressure.

·       A lumbar bed pillow is also good for relaxing the leg muscles. Especially when used with leg and knee pillows as detailed on our other pages.

·       A good quality lumbar bed pillow is made of foam, an excellent material for a pillow or mattress as it retains its shape longer.

·       The highly breathable components of a lumbar bed pillow help the airflow inside the cushion to dissipate heat and perspiration.

·       Most lumbar bed pillows or orthopaedic pillows for back support are made from hypo-allergenic, contaminant and odour-resistant materials, they also normally come with a removable machine-washable cover, too.


As the lumber bed pillow is designed for those with normal spinal orientation, those that may suffer from curvature of the spine for instance may find the lumber bed pillow aggravates this condition. If these is the case then stop using it (or at least in its traditional form and try the technique shown in our video to help relieve pressure on the spine – it might help). Always consult your doctor, physio or physician first to check if this is right for you.


It is better not to wait for the signs of fatigue to appear as this can lead to even more serious health conditions. Have a good sleep and wake up feeling energised by trying a quality orthopaedic pillow for back support now.


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