Kitchen Washing Up Soap Bar

Stop using washing up liquid in plastic bottles and opt for the eco-friendlier dish soap bar to wash your dirty dishes!

Don’t forget to get yourself a soap bar dish to keep your bar dry between use!

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If we continue to use bottled washing-up liquid for washing our dishes then we of course will be enjoying its high-foaming and effective grease-cutting ability, but sadly we could be adding to water pollution due to the many chemicals found in a lot of washing u liquids. Furthermore, most washing-up liquids come in plastic bottles which may not get recycled, ultimately add to the plastic in the world and eventually end up in landfills or our oceans. Even a lot of so-called eco washing up liquids are also sold in plastic bottles adding to this problem.      

As it is our intention to reduce as much plastic waste as possible, our recommendation is the plastic waste free dish soap bar. These natural handmade soap bars usually contain coconut oil, citric acid, sodium carbonate and other natural oil extracts so no synthetic chemical compounds will be released into the waterways.

Here are some reasons why we love this plastic waste free dish soap:

  • It is made of natural plant extracts, so great for vegans.
  • Being chemical-free, it is septic tank friendly. In fact you can even use the used dishwater to water your plants!
  • It will not contain the damaging ingredients borax or palm oil.
  • Because of the natural ingredients often used it is naturally antiseptic and hypoallergenic.
  • They often come packaged in plastic free recyclable or compostable packaging.
  • Great for taking when traveling or camping, reducing possible liquid spills.
  • Great space savers when compared to the large plastic bottles (especially when you only have a little washing up liquid left!)
  • These plastic waste free dish soap bars are also great at cleaning dishes and cutting through grease, leaving them clean and smelling fresh.

You will likely find with the plastic waste free dish soap bars that they will not create bubbles like the washing-up liquid alternatives; however this is only a visual aid and not actually needed to clean the dishes.

To use the dish soap bar, first remove food scraps and obvious grease from the dishes then rub a little of this plastic waste free dish soap on a wet washing up loofah alternative clothes and brushes, and then clean away! Repeat as needed throughout your wash.

The soap from these plastic waste free dish soap bars is easy to rinse off, thus saving water compared to rinsing additional bubbles left by washing-up liquid alternatives.

Let it dry either on a soap dish or hanging in a sisal soap bag to ensure it remains dry between uses, which will help the bar last longer.

So why not change from the common washing-up liquid to this natural environmentally friendly dish soap bar and reduce your plastic waste!

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