I’m Not Supposed To Feel Like This (Book)

The I’m not supposed to feel like this book is practical self-help book in the style of a workbook.  Covering a more in depth look at depression and other related issues such as anxiety, panic attacks and self-harm.  A great follow on from the recommended “Christians Get Depressed Too” however those struggling with severe depression may find it more useful working through this with a supportive friend or group as the books approach could be seen as a little overwhelming at times.

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I’m not supposed to feel like this is written by three authors:

  • Paul Richards (a pastor and an expert in pastoral care)
  • Ingrid Whitton (a consultant psychiatrist)
  • Chris Williams (a senior lecturer in psychiatry and author including the previously written “overcoming depression” a non-religious version of this book)

Written as a self-help workbook (with worksheets and questions to answer) this book encourages you to engage with the content, rather than push it to the back of your mind. Split into simple sections to work through at your own pace comfortable pace.

Providing a useful guide to helping understand your emotions and providing guidance on further reflections, actions points and practical prayers.

The book covers the below subjects:

  • What I think affects how I feel and what I do.
  • Understanding Depression and anxiety.
  • Overcoming depression and anxiety.
  • Tackling practical problems.
  • What about Psychiatry?
  • How can the Church support those who are distressed?
  • Maintaining a walk with God when depressed or anxious.
  • Help for church leaders.

This book often causes the reader to constantly reflect and encourages assessments of one’s feelings, physical symptoms, thinking, behaviour and relationships.  As well as providing a useful seven step approach of defining the problem, mind mapping, reviewing the advantages and disadvantages, choosing a solution, detailing a plan of action, implementing and reviewing.

So as we explain in the video and above, it is a great follow on from “Christians Get Depressed Too” and a more in-depth view on the subject of depression.

All in all, a must read!  To purchase a copy, click here!