Prevent microplastics from going to our water streams when you do the laundry by using a guppyfriend washing bag!

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One of the ways in which microplastic particles get drained into the water streams is by doing our usual laundry routine. A lot of clothing materials have plastic elements in them, and the friction created among these clothes when washing causes the plastic to disintegrate, releasing bits not very visible to the eyes. We can prevent this by using a plastic microfiber catching bag during our laundry sessions, and for this, we recommend using guppyfriend washing bag.

A lot of experts have warned that if our patterns of plastic production and disposal continue, our oceans could contain more plastic than fish as soon as 2050. By simply using a guppy bag for our laundry, we can contribute in our own little ways to reduce the chances of microplastics from going to our water ways.

One guppyfriend washing bag is big enough to contain a load of clothing for one wash cycle. Studies proved that it minimizes to about 86% the amount of friction created during spinning and catches many microfibres released in each wash. Guppyfriend’s co-founder Alexander Nolte also advised that it could extend the life of your clothing as he pointed out that the bag not only captures the broken microfibres but reduces the mechanical forces that cause the breaking significantly. Guppy bag is made from monofilaments, it lasts longer, making it more economical.

After use, clean the inside of the guppy bag, remove the plastic particles and fibres that accumulated along the seams and corners of the bag while still wet by wiping with a clean washcloth, then drop these waste residues into your black waste bags. Fold it neatly, ready for your next washing schedule. Let us be mindful that as we wash our clothes, the little things that we do will eventually mean so much as we help our planet recover from microplastic pollution.

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