Ergonomic Mouse

Reduce existing wrist, hand, and arm pain by using an ergonomic mouse.

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An average full-time office worker can clock up at least 5-6 hours of work in front of a computer a day, and due to the majority of computer users using a mouse it is common for a large majority of these to be at risk of what we call a mouse arm, a general term to many types of injury caused by prolonged use of a computer mouse. It is due to these possible injuries why we recommend the use of an ergonomic mouse.

Studies have found that “mouse arm” is the effect of the position by which the hand holds a traditional computer mouse. A standard mouse requires hand pronation, placing pressure on the wrist where prolonged use causes tension and pain on the muscles of the arm, neck and shoulders. This may cause a long-term or irreversible damage and sometimes even the need for surgery.

An ergonomic mouse is designed to correct the position of the hand whilst using the mouse. It keeps the hand, wrist and arm in a natural handshake and relaxed position, with no need to twist the arm muscle and stress the shoulders.

An ergonomic mouse has a vertical optimised angle design, so the weight of the hand rests on the side of the hand and not on the wrist. It also has a fitted contours that allow the fingers to relax while navigating. Its oversized buttons allow easy clicking and some even come with colour changing light effects for aesthetic purposes.

Here are some more reasons why we recommend using an ergonomic mouse.

  • An ergonomic mouse reduces pain and injuries caused by other stressful positioning of a standard mouse, as it does not require the wrist and arm to twist.
  • This mouse requires less grip strength, and prevents muscle tension in the arms, neck and shoulders.
  • With an ergonomic mouse, the user is kept in a neutral mousing position with a relaxed grip, so it helps prevent unnecessary tension.
  • An ergonomic mouse can play an important role in promoting comfort whilst undertaking work using a computer.
  • Repetitive movements mean repetitive muscle strain. A well-designed ergonomic mouse ensure less movement and therefore less fatigue.
  • Many experts recommend the use of ergonomic mouse specially for those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a painful condition resulting from the twisting or compression of the median nerve, as it passes through the narrow carpal tunnel.

So if you are starting to get acks and pains caused by continued work at a screen then an ergonomic mouse could help. Simply let go of your traditional mouse and switch to using an ergonomic mouse today!

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