Environmentally Friendly Laundry Pegs

Plastic laundry pegs get brittle and break and are therefore a common contributor to the plastic waste problem we face, so why not swap your plastic pegs for more environmentally friendly options, such as the biodegradable wooden pegs or the lifelong stainless-steel pegs.

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A lot of laundry pegs are made of plastic, which while being cheap, they do not last as the heat of the sun makes these plastic laundry pegs brittle, causing them to break.

The plastic laundry pegs are also non-recyclable and are not biodegradable and so contributing towards the plastic waste problem we face.  Over hundreds of years these plastic pegs will disintegrate into microplastics which are likely to be mistaken for food by land and sea creatures.

We suggest a switch to an eco-friendlier choice and recommend two environmentally-friendly clothes peg options, the wooden laundry pegs and stainless-steel laundry pegs, both are plastic free pegs, however please also check packaging of these options when buying as some manufactures and sellers still package these in plastic. Opt instead for ones sold in recyclable cardboard boxes.

The wooden laundry pegs are a great alternative to plastic pegs as they are made of natural untreated wood (which is home compostable) with recyclable steel springs which will not rust and stain your clothes. They also have a stylish, rustic look, and can be used in many other ways, for example in crafts.

These wooden plastic-free pegs are durable and strong, however, to prolong their useful life and to prevent them from mold, keep them dry when not in use. They are also very sustainable and highly compostable.

Another option for environmentally friendly laundry pegs is those made of stainless-steel. They are reliably strong and durable, they will not break, as they are made in one piece and are meant to last a lifetime. These plastic free pegs do not heat up under the sun’s rays, so you do not need to worry about scalding your fingers when using them.

In theory stainless steel laundry pegs are recyclable, however even if they are not able to be stripped down and recycled, you should be able to use them for as long as you want and so should not need to recycle them. 

Whilst these environmentally friendly clothes pegs should not rust, however if they start to rust you can soak them in CLR (Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover) to give them a new lease of life.

So, if your still using plastic pegs, why not replace these with one of the more environmentally friendly laundry peg options below:

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