Eco Friendly Toothpaste

Move away from toothpaste in non-recyclable plastic tubes and switch to eco-friendly toothpaste tablets or toothpaste in recyclable packaging!

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It is no secret that most toothpaste tubes are non-recyclable and add to the ever-increasing plastic waste problem. As most tubes are made from sheets of plastic laminate and a thin layer of aluminium, these do not fall into any of the plastic categories and do not require manufactures to state the plastic classification on the tubes! A loophole that many manufacturers enjoy.

That said, some of the bigger manufactures have started looking into providing a more eco friendly toothpaste.

After a five-year effort to develop an environmentally friendly toothpaste, in November 2019, Colgate launched its first squeezable tube, made from recyclable plastic, the high-density polyethylene or HDPE and plans to fully convert their products to recyclable tubes by 2025. Colgate-Palmolive, the company that owns Colgate, is even sharing its technology to competitors as it commits to using less plastic in their packaging.

This is all great however the HDPE tubes after going through the recycling process will end up as non-recyclable plastic again and will continue to add to the plastic wate problem. It is also questionable as to if these new HDPE tubes will in fact get recycled, but this is a step in the right direction.

We therefore recommend a totally eco-friendly toothpaste option which is the environmentally friendly toothpaste tablets!

Simply put these eco-friendly toothpaste tablets are often the same toothpaste formula made from toothpaste powder without water, pressed into tablet form and are easy to use. Just pop a tablet into your mouth, chew it to encourage the mouth to salivate or use a little water to help break the tablet down into paste then brush your teeth using a wet toothbrush.

Toothpaste tablets are the best alternative to traditional toothpaste in tubes and here is some reasons why:

  • They are often sold in refillable or reusable glass containers with tin caps, making the packaging more environmentally friendly than plastic alternatives.
  • Produced without water, they are easier to transport, with a lower overall carbon footprint, and more convenient to take along when traveling.
  • Because of their size, the eco-friendly toothpaste tablets ensures that you get the same amount of toothpaste every time you brush.
  • Some environmentally friendly toothpaste tablets are also produced with natural organic ingredients making these even more eco-friendly.

A jar of toothpaste tablets is likely to cost more than that toothpaste in plastic tubes, however it is hoped that as the demand for toothpaste tablets increase, the price will reduce due to the demand becoming more competitive. Until then however rest assured that the addition costs is helping towards tackling the plastic waste problem and providing you a guilt-free clean!

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