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Eco Friendly Toilet Paper

Stop using toilet paper sold in plastic packaging and change to the eco-friendly bamboo toilet paper!

As shown in the video below, the Who Gives a Crap range of toilet paper comes completely plastic free and has the added benefits of bamboo materials. Not just that, they give something back to the less fortunate as they donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world!

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It is good to see that a growing number of companies around the world are creating innovative consumer products in support of the efforts to save our planet. One of the products out there is the popular eco-friendly toilet paper, which effectively is plastic free toilet paper made from renewable resources.

Most major toilet paper brands use virgin wood pulp from freshly cut down trees for their toilet paper, which increases deforestation and has lasting effects on the ecosystem. You do not have to be a genius to realise that if a tree takes at least 25 years to grow and is cut down to produce single use toilet paper that is consumed so quickly, that it will not be long before we have a bigger problem to deal with! In fact the issue is already with us as deforestation is one of the major contributors to climate change, so why not consider alternatives for this solution.

The best option we have come across for eco-friendly toilet paper is the plastic free toilet paper made of bamboo material. Although bamboo belongs to the grass family, the bamboo plant can function like trees in protecting the ecosystem. For example a grove of bamboo releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere compared to an equal number of trees and can sequester as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, providing an invaluable resource against climate change and global warming.

Bamboo is also strong and often compared to a strong softwood or hardwood timber making this durable and tough when growing. It is also a very sustainable resource as new bamboo culms grow as fast as 4 feet a day and can be harvested every 3 to 5 years. Bamboo also consumes soil impurities and water pollutants when growing and does not need any pesticides or fertilizers.

Due to its extensive root system, it develops, bamboo regrows without the need of replanting, making this one of the most renewable woods on the planet.

Producing eco-friendly toilet paper from bamboo is becoming more and more popular. However due to the low cost of the virgin wood pulp few brands have taken up the option of bamboo toilet paper. Supporting companies and brands therefore that are producing bamboo eco-friendly toilet paper is important as this will encourage more production which in turn will lead to having more bamboo plantations.

The reason bamboo toilet paper is also seen as eco-friendly toilet paper is not only due to having a more eco-friendly source, but also because bamboo toilet paper is usually completely plastic free, as they are normally packaged in reusable paper and compostable packaging meaning you are not left with plastic packaging which often cannot be recycled.

The bamboo eco-friendly toilet paper which we highly recommend is from the company called Who Gives a Crap. It may be a little more expensive compared to the ordinary toilet paper made from wood pulp, however the great thing about this company is that a big chunk of their profit gets donated to charities which help build toilets in many developing countries. This means that you are not just helping the environment by using renewable plastic free toilet paper, but you are also helping many communities in need.

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