Eco Friendly Lunch Box

Stop using lunch boxes made with non-recyclable materials, that will damage our planet, and opt instead for a wheat straw biodegradable eco-friendly lunch box.

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It is always healthier and economical to have home cooked meals for packed lunch. In this way, we are assured that we will eat food we prepared ourselves. For this, of course we need lunch boxes and the most used are made from non-recyclable plastic, both reusable plastic lunch boxes and disposable microwavable plastic food container.

Naturally, after their useful life, these plastics end up in landfill and only contribute to the ongoing problem of plastic pollution. Fortunately, we can opt to use non-plastic lunch boxes, made from wheat straws, an eco-friendly lunch box. This is a practical alternative to the usual plastic food containers we had been using.

The wheat straw lunch box is an eco-friendly lunch box made from compostable materials, so at the end of its useful life, you can simply throw this in your compost pit, and it will decompose on its own, but make sure to remove the plastic parts if there’s any. This wheat straw lunch box is also microwavable, heat resistant, and is dishwasher friendly. If you’re a parent and finds the design ordinary, you can turn this into an attractive eco-friendly lunch box for your children by using some biodegradable stickers to decorate along the sides.

Another good thing about this wheat straw lunch box is that it has small compartments to ensure that your food will not mix and be messy. It also has a lock catch sealing design to prevent dripping, and some have a built-in compartment on top for reusable stainless-steel or even bamboo cutleries, a very practical idea for lunch boxes. This eco-friendly lunch box is produced with the welfare of the planet in mind, so we better let go of the old lunch boxes made of non-biodegradable materials and use instead this wheat straw lunch box.

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