Eco Dishwasher Tablets

Switch from dishwasher tablets in either rip-it-out plastic packets or package in plastic, opt instead for plastic free eco dishwasher tablets!

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Dishwasher detergents generally come in different types, gel, liquid, powder and tablets, some of these are more common than others due to the cost of production and general demand.

Most of the options however are still packaged in plastic in some way, which contributes to the growing plastic problem we all face. For instance, liquid detergents generally come in plastic bottles and most powder options come in plastic containers or plastic lined cardboard boxes to keep moisture out. The individual gel capsules or tablets are not much better either with most of them being sold in external un-recyclable plastic bags and containers or individual tear out plastic bags which are also non-recyclable.

Furthermore, many of the common dishwashing detergents specifically the gel type has been found to contain harmful ingredients which can be damaging to the environment.

If your aim is to go plastic-free or simply to reduce your plastic waste, then there are some great plastic free dishwasher tablets and options available. We recommend eco dishwasher tablets, as most of these come wrapped in soluble plastic free capsules and sold in unlined cardboard boxes.

Most eco dishwasher tablets are also made from naturally derived ingredients, without artificial dyes, parabens, phosphates and other harmful chemicals. 

These eco dishwasher tablets are easy to use, just take one tablet out the box, place it into the dishwasher in the specified location (please note this can change with each type of tablet, so check the instructions) and start the washing cycle.

Whilst reducing plastic waste can be a large and daunting task, if we take small steps, we will realise how much of a difference you can and are making. So, make this small change and start using plastic free dishwasher tablets!

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