Eco Cleaning Product for Bathroom

Switch from bathroom cleaner sprays sold single use plastic bottles and reuse the bottles with the eco-friendlier Ocean Saver Bathroom Cleaner dissolvable capsules!

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Most people buy well-known brands for their cleaning products, and it’s no different when it comes to bathroom cleaning sprays, as most people believe due to brand marketing that these brands provide a better product in some way, however the truth is that they are not really a superior product. As the chemical build-up of the products are much the same across all products. The more aggressive cleaners however do often come with a greater concentration of harmful substances or evidence of allergens, which could not only be damaging to the environment but also to our health.

Furthermore, popular brands still commonly sell their cleaning products in non-recyclable plastic containers or with non-recyclable elements such as the caps or trigger heads, contributing to the ever-increasing plastic pollution problem.

Fortunately, there are alternatives on the market providing a more eco cleaning product for bathrooms, and our recommendation for the bathroom cleaners are the Ocean Saver Bathroom Cleaner EcoDrops.

Ocean Saver Bathroom Cleaner EcoDrops are so named because the product is sold as concentrated formula in a water-soluble capsule or pod. The film case which is also derived from plant extracts will completely dissolve in lukewarm water. To use your Ocean Saver Bathroom Cleaner, simply drop the capsule into a reusable spray bottle, add in 750 ml of lukewarm water, recap and shake a little until the Ocean Saver Bathroom Cleaner EcoDrop has dissolved completely. Then use as you would any spray head cleaning product.

Not only are they simple to use but they come with these added benefits:

  • The Ocean Saver Bathroom Cleaner EcoDrop offers superior cleaning with zero plastic waste! Even the labels are printed on biodegradable paper!
  • It can clean soap-scum and limescale from sinks, toilets, baths and showers as well as any other brand.
  • It cuts through tough grime leaving a fruity fragrance and a long-lasting shine.
  • Being plant-based, this non-toxic surface eco cleaning product for bathroom is environmentally friendly, and people and pet-friendly (although can be more irritant to the skin and eyes in its concentrated form).
  • Due to its concentrated nature, the product and packaging remains small helping keep a low carbon footprint as it travels through the manufacturing process all the way to the end user.
  • You can reuse your existing trigger sprays and simply refill them ensuring you do not add to the plastic waste problem.

The eco cleaning product for bathroom starter kit comes with a spraying bottle made of recyclable plastic (which you can reuse again and again) however if you already have a bottle to reuse then you can simply opt for the Ocean Saver Bathroom Cleaner EcoDrop capsules only.

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