Covenant Eyes Screen Accountability App

Covenant Eyes is a screen accountability software and app which helps you overcome a habit or addiction to porn by monitoring your screen activity and sending a report to a trusted accountability partner, who then holds you accountable for your online choices.

Through meaningful conversations, your accountability partner will be there to pick you up when you fall and cheer you on when you succeed, helping you soar to new heights both online and offline and say goodbye to porn forever

The software alongside trusted accountability partners (allies) have helped thousands of people become porn-free enabling them to live their best possible life.

After a Covenant Eyes account is set up and the software is in place the following takes place automatically:

  • Screen Monitoring – The software periodically captures screenshots of your screen activity and stores them securely on your device.
  • Screenshot Analysis – Advanced artificial intelligence analyses those screenshots, on your device, for explicit imagery.
  • Screenshot Processing – The software rates the images, blurs them to protect your privacy, then prioritizes them based on content.
  • Activity Reporting – A report of concerning activity, circumvention attempts, and other activity is sent to you and your accountability partner, for review and discussion with yourself.

No one is immune to the temptations and damage porn can have on our lives, as shown in this video:

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