Conditioner Bars

Stop using hair conditioner in single-use plastic bottles and switch to natural conditioner bars for your hair.

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Natural conditioner bars and shampoo bars have been around for many years although with the recent re-focus of many people back to a sustainable way of living, the use of natural, chemical-free and plastic-free products have again become a major focus. Manufactures and suppliers in the beauty and hair care industries continue to adapt to this re-focus and are moving towards more eco-friendly products. One of the ways they do this is by switching from liquid hair care products in plastic bottles such as conditioner to a solid conditioner bar option thus cutting out the plastic.

This is a major positive change as it has been found that over 35 million plastic bottles are being used daily in UK alone and only about 50% of the recyclable bottes are actually getting recycled and that’s not even counting the plastic bottles that are unable to be recycled due to their plastic build up.

The non-recycled plastic bottles end up in landfills and can take hundreds of years to break down and then only to smaller micro plastics! 

It is time we wholeheartedly decide to switch to using solid conditioner bars and get rid of plastic containers that harm our environment.

Using natural conditioner bars have further added benefits too:

  • They are normally made from natural, plant-derived ingredients that gives hair and scalp a load of nutrients.
  • These solid conditioner bars are normally wrapped in biodegradable or recyclable cardboard or paper packaging, so no more plastic bottle, plastic tube, and plastic pumps!
  • Many natural conditioner bars have been found to stimulate hair growth by the natural ingredients supporting the strengthening of hair follicles.
  • Solid conditioner bars normally last a lot longer than bottled conditioners as they are so concentrated, they also have a much lower carbon footprint due to their smaller size and weight.
  • They are also safer to take with you on trips, without fear of stressful spills and do not take up valuable packing space.

Solid conditioner bars are easy to use, after washing with shampoo, rub it on your wet hair until all the hair is fully coated. It does not need to lather. Leave it on hair for a few minutes, then gently massage in the hair and scalp before rinsing out. For quicker conditioning, work it up between the palms of your hands and then apply the conditioner to the hair, alternatively use an organic mesh of exfoliator pad.

For best results, choose a bar that has the following ingredients in to aid your hair type. Below is a short list of useful tips and ingredients to look out for when choosing your natural conditioner bar (also can be applied to shampoo bars).

  • For normal hair, choose a conditioner bar with the key base ingredients of cocoa butter or coconut oil, this will also often be the base of the other hair types, but may change.
  • For fine hair, look for conditioner bars with coconut water and Mimosa flowers in the ingredients which can add volume to your hair.
  • For oily hair, keep an eye out for ingredients of wheat protein, moisturizing sunflower oil & shea butter. Also try opting for a fragranced bar or either lemon, Matcha green tea, & tea tree essential oils.
  • For dry hair, and curly hair, look for conditioner bars with colloidal oatmeal and amla oil, this has an abundant Vitamin C that helps prevent breakage, strengthens hair, and prevent itchy scalp.
  • If your prone to hair fall, use a conditioner bars with moisturizing olive oil, henna & hibiscus and these will help maintains the PH balance of the scalp and should help reduce hair fall.

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