Compostable Sponge Dish Cloths

Stop using sponges or cloths made with plastics and start using the eco-friendly alternatives.

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Both the commonly sold scouring sponges and J cloths among others are all with plastic! These busy buddies of the kitchen, useful for cleaning dishes, work tops, tables and units, are actually releasing microplastics with every use, which eventually get flushed into the waterways.

Plastic-based sponges are not recyclable or compostable. They are a huge source of unwanted waste that remain in landfill for many years, often remaining moist and providing a breeding spot for nasty and harmful bacteria.

We therefore recommend that you help put a stop to further plastic pollution caused by these plastic sponges and dishcloths and choose to use compostable sponge cloths instead.

The compostable sponge cloths are definitely the eco-friendly alternative and here’s why:

  • They are totally plastic-free as each pad is made of 70% cellulose from wood fibres and 30% cotton.
  • The printing on most compostable sponge cloths are water-base ink and will not cause any damage to the environment.
  • The compostable sponge cloths are natural, chemical-free and normally certified according to Oeko-Tex as Standard 100 or equivalent.
  • These great plastic free cloth alternatives are very absorbent, durable and can last longer than the plastic alternatives.
  • They do not release any damaging plastic micro particles, only natural environmentally friendly particles.

These compostable sponge cloths are 100% biodegradable cleaning cloths. So, at the end of its useful life, you can cut or chop them into pieces and add them to your home compost, and they will biodegrade down very quickly.

And saving the best to last, these biodegradable cleaning cloths are both dishwasher and machine washable safe. Most choose to machine wash these as they appear to come out cleaner. Simply put them in with your normal washing and leave to dry and your good to go again!

So make the step towards a greener future and switch from plastic sponges and dishcloths to compostable sponge cloths.

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