Compostable Cotton Buds

Stop using cotton buds made with plastics sticks and start using bamboo compostable alternatives!

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Why choose single use plastic-stemmed cotton buds when you can buy ones made of compostable materials?

We all know how dangerous plastic-stemmed cotton buds are for animals, marine creatures, and the environment. In fact, plastic-stemmed cotton buds are a common contributor of plastic waste that is polluting our oceans and have been consistently in the list of top ten beach litters for years according to many surveys. These are often because they are flushed down the loo and end up in the water ways or easily blown by the wind into water streams from landfill and other waste sites. 

As cotton buds are used by most people it is important for us all to make some changes to prevent this continued plastic pollution, so let us consider a switch to eco-friendly cotton buds. These compostable bamboo cotton buds will help tackle this issue and make a huge impact on our environment.

Compostable cotton buds are 100% biodegradable, most handles are made of bamboo and cotton tips for the heads, they also normally come in recycled paper or cardboard boxes! So, these eco-friendly cotton buds provide a great alternative to the cotton buds with plastic handle stick and plastic packaging.

Bamboo is also a sustainable renewable resource, it grows more bamboo shoots in place of one bamboo that was cut down, growing at a rate of 4 feet a day, so the bamboo handle of these biodegradable cotton buds is definably seen as a preferred choice to plastic, and also provide a durable and stronger alternative to the common plastic or paper stem options as well.

The compostable bamboo cotton buds are also multi-purpose like the plastic options, still being used to clean many other items such as small and deep spaces in keyboards, wood carving designs, artworks, and crafts. You can also find these eco-friendly cotton buds in different bud sizes.

These compostable bamboo cotton buds are 100% natural and will decompose within 3-4 months in your home compost. So, you will no longer need to throw it away with your waste for landfill! 

So, make the change to eco-friendly cotton buds and make a difference to our environment! 

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