Christians Get Depressed Too (Book)

Christians get depressed too is a simple to read and helpful book by author David P. Murray, who has worked in pastoral ministry with a number of depressed Christians and writes in a sensitive way with a very balanced view.

It is a book that any depressed Christian could read and defiantly one that should be read by any Christian who knows someone struggling with depression. 

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In a culture where many Christians still mistakenly believe that they or other Christian should not get depressed, often causing pain and guilt to Christians who are suffering from mental and emotional distress. This book emphasises that Christians can become depressed and challenges us all to be more understanding and caring.

For those feeling depressed it provides a reassuring view and comfort that the sufferer is not in this alone and takes onboard their potential thoughts, feelings, physical symptoms and behaviour.

For those supporting others it explains what depression is and the importance of why Christians should study and reflect on the depressive illness, it provides helpful insight into how sufferers may be feeling and offers practical approaches that caregivers, pastors, and churches can take to help those who are suffering.

Whilst this book covers the subject of depression well it remains only an introduction to the subject, that said it is a great resource for many in getting a healthy and accurate grip on the issue of depression among believers and providing encouragement and support for this that are suffering from this terrible illness.

All in all, a must read!  To purchase a copy click here!