Bamboo Plasters

Stop using plasters made with plastics or non-recyclable materials and opt instead for the eco-friendlier Bamboo Plasters!

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Cuts, scratches, insect bite’s and blisters are common everyday injuries, especially among children. Which is why it’s necessary that every home has plasters handy to help with these wounds.

Most plasters been used however are made of plastic or with plastic elements for wrapping and protection, after use these get sent to landfill and take hundreds of years to breakdown (and then only to smaller plastic particles). Furthermore many people are finding that these plastic plasters can cause irritation or an allergic reaction to the plastic plasters.

To address these concerns we highly recommend bamboo plasters which offer a more holistic approach to caring for minor injuries and wounds.  These bamboo plasters not only care for your wounds, but also gives you reassurance that you’re not damaging the environment as bamboo remains one of the best sustainable and eco-friendly sources.

The bamboo plasters themselves are naturally moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, durable and easily removable when needed. They are also 100% compostable!  In a trial to test the rate of degradation these plasters, the bamboo plasters decomposed completely in less than 10 weeks, so compared to the plastic plasters which will remain for hundreds of years, so the bamboo plasters are a clear winner when compared to the plastic plasters!

Most of the bamboo plasters are made with 100% soft organic bamboo fibre and gauze. They use hypoallergenic pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) formulation made from a combination of natural minerals and nano technology which gently adhere to the skin. They are free from irritating chemicals so they can be applied even on sensitive skin types.

They are normally sold inside cardboard box or tube with each plaster encased with compostable rice paper and plant-derived biodegradable components to meet and maintain sterility criteria.

So why not change from plastic plasters to bamboo plasters and not only care for the wound but also the planet!

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