Practical Christian Help

The Association of Christian Counsellors

The Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC) website is a great place to find quality Christian’s counsellors, as the ACC actively supports their members to reach and maintaining high standards of professional care for members of the public from any faith and any beliefs.

They have a simple to use ‘find a counsellor’ search facility on their website which can be used to find local Christian’s counsellors, further options of filtering counsellors by the different types of sessions and support available (support by email, in person, telephone, text or video calls) is also possible.

You can also filter Christian’s counsellors, specific to the expertise in what issues you want to address, if this is to be for individuals, families or couples and also the actual type of therapy.

As the association of Christian counsellors also provide their members code of ethics, practice, and complaints management processes, provide guidance on ethical and professional issues and run specialised training, you can be sure that the councillors found listed on their site also have support in place.

Click here to search their website for Christian Counsellors