Acupressure Insoles

Stimulate the reflex zones on your feet and encourage better circulation and digestion which can also help ease some pain by using acupressure insoles.

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There are meridian points in the soles of our feet that correspond with various organs in the body, our brain, for instance, is linked to our big toe! The science of magnetic field therapy and the practice of foot massage acupuncture formed the idea behind the use of magnetic insoles also called acupressure insoles. These are suitable for almost all types of shoes and can be used during fitness activities or when just moving around normally. 

Most of these magnetic insoles are made up of soft, high-quality PVC material to make them more comfortable, although at first, you might need to adjust and get used to having them under your feet (the adjustment period usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks of continued use). Acupressure insoles, as the name implies, have protruding magnetic arches in places that correspond to the pressure points in our soles so that as we walk, jog, or run, these will apply pressure on the pressure points in our soles and accomplish its medically intended results. 

Some of the claimed benefits of using acupressure insoles are:

  • Full foot massage from acupressure insoles relieves fatigue as it promotes blood circulation. It can be a soothing way of relaxing during a stressful day.
  • Pressure from acupressure insoles directly on the part that corresponds to the stomach helps promote digestion and good metabolism. Therefore, it is believed to help in reducing body weight.
  • Acupressure insoles work on pressure points that promote blood circulation to the eyes. This helps in refreshing the eyes after a day of exposure to the computer or blue light.
  • Walking around with magnetic insoles improve sleep as the overall blood circulation of the body improves.
  • Acupressure insoles has been observed to relieve pain in arthritis and plantar fasciitis.

Below are some diagrams of the pressure points in the feet to help guide you.

diagrams of the pressure points in the feet
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As it can sometime be hard to match up the pressure points to the insoles, we have provided a couple of examples below as we like to think the more the merrier!

1. Great all-rounder for promoting good blood circulation

Promotion of Blood Circulation
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2. More focused points for helping with sleep quality

Helping with sleep quality
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3. More focused around stress relief


Stress relief
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4. More focused on reducing fatigue and weight loss

Weight loss
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Whist these can be used by many people, magnetic insoles are not recommended for use by those with gout, those with history of blood clots, and those with other circulatory concerns, unless otherwise allowed by your physicians.

Using acupressure insoles is considered by experts as a complementary practice, and up to now, there has not been significant scientific evidence for these to be considered as means of treatment. But whether you consider these or not, we’re sure we can all agree that a good foot massage does help in many ways.

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