In this devotional Karen Ford (A motivational speaker and master financial coach) provides an easy to understand guide of how to make, spend and invest your money wisely, covering a wide variety of issues related to money, on each day.

The devotional is very informative and motivational, helping a focus each day on God’s word, helping to discern our wants, needs and defining self-control through scripture.  You will find yourself highlighting, meditating on and coming back to refresh your mind of the nuggets of wisdom fund in the devotional. There is also a prayer of application at the end of each of the short chapters.

It does not matter where you are in your understanding and application of Biblical principles of money. This devotional is highly recommend for growth in spiritual and financial understanding and is useful for an honest check-up.

This devotional also makes a great gift for someone you love, around this very delicate and emotional subject as it is not providing in your face support, but gentle guidance and help through a devotional style layout.

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