What We Do

You will read in the bible that faith without works is dead, and yet many of us struggle to live out this practical Christianity in our everyday life.

This website is aimed at providing Christians with more practical day-to-day help,to aid the living out of their faith, in an attempt of their practical Christian living. This site seeks to provide useful help and advice on areas that we feel should be included in our practical Christianity, covering different aspects that many Christians tend to struggle with or just do not have the time to research, work out and implement, amongst everything else that life throws our way.

This site is not geared at what some may call the more spiritual aspects of Christianity, such as bible teaching, prayer and devotionals! There are already amazing resources and organisation out there that cover these so well. This site is more focused on some of the more ordinary day-to-day things that we may need to put in place as we live out the Christian life.

So how do we take the faith without works is dead passage seriously and make an extra effort to apply this???

Whilst we cover a lot of different areas, our advice is always to take it step by step. It is great that you have found our site and are ready to make some changes to improve your practical Christian living, but our advice is to implement one of two things at a time and not to try and do it all at once. After all Rome was not built in a day! This should give you the best chance of not overloading yourself and getting this practical Christianity right!

Below are some of the areas we cover and provide practical help and advice on in this site:
• Useful support for you and others through difficult and other times.
• How to stay protected and accountable online.
• How to attempt to remain healthy, both physically and mentally.

We hope that you find this site both informative and useful and that soon you will be able to confidently say faith without works is dead! You will see our faith by what we do!

Why not also send a link to this site to your other Christian friends, so they too can be blessed by this help and advice.

We hope you like the site and that it gives you useful information and saves you valuable time.